Suresh Thangarajan shares his thoughts and insights on New IBDP Mathematics - first assessments - 2021 for his faculty

New IBDP Mathematics - an overview- version 2

Suresh Thangarajan introducing and sharing thoughts on IBDP New Mathematics to the students fof Grade 10 - GSIS 

Refining unit plans - Reflections/Feedback

Suresh Thangarajan reflecting on each mapping category in the unit plans to move to the next level in creating quality curriculum maps 

IBDP - Mathematics - New syllabus - 2019-2027 - synopsis

IB - Diploma Programme - Mathematics - new syllabus - First examinations - May 2021 

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IBDP - Induction Programme - batch 2018-2020

Why IBDP is relevant for today's kids

Big ideas/Transfer goals

Plan unit plans by keeping end in mind 

Exploring tools for conceptual understanding

Conceptual understanding facilitates transfer of learning to new situations. 

Mindfulness session

Mindfulness is one of the self management skills for both students and adults.


With Lance King


Approaches to learning 

With Dr Ron Ritchhart


Creating cultures of thinking.

With Taylan Celtik - Workshop leader - DP Math AI HL


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With Lois Lanning


Concept-based Curriculum and Instruction 

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