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Born in Kancheepuram in the year 1968 ,in a small town in the state of Tamilnadu,completed most of my early education in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.. Completed  MSc( Mathematics) ; B.Ed ( Mathematics and Computer Education) from University of Madras, joined the Good Shepherd family as a Post Graduate trained teacher in Mathematics in 1997 (after working for 4 years as a higher secondary teacher in Spartan Schools, Chennai. Tamilnadu, India. )

During the tenure at Good Shepherd International school, been serving in the department of Mathematics for over 20 years and has taught various curricula namely ICSE(Indian Certificate of Secondary education ), ISC (Indian School Certificate), IGCSE(International General Certificate of Secondary Education), AICE ( Advanced International Certificate Examination, both Advanced and Advanced Subsidiary levels) and the IB DP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, both Standard and Higher level).(At present teaching IBDP Math HL for the May 2019 batch.)

In addition to teaching, active in organizing Inter house Quiz competitions, served as House Master, has coordinated escort trips to Mumbai before and after vacation.

Also been a chaperone for students who attended the NASA space camp at Huntsville, Alabama, USA.


Served as the Coordinator of the Higher Secondary Section (Grade XI and XII) for 5 years and currently serving as Coordinator, Curriculum and Professional Development & Head of Department of Mathematics. 

During the tenure as Coordinator, has held many administrative responsibilities. 

Has been instrumental in setting Mathematics Labs in all sections of the school.

Had played an active role as Head of Section F (School Culture and Partnership for learning) in the accreditation process of the Council of International schools.

Was also a member of the CIS Steering Committee which motivates/ supports all other teams during the Accreditation Process.

Had been actively involved as Head of Section C – Curriculum in the IB five year review process.( twice )

Has attended many workshops, conferences, subject specific seminars both in India and abroad.

Is instrumental in integrating ICT in curriculum documentation, managing assessments for IB DP, design and layout of new classrooms and so on.

At present working as a Coordinator – Curriculum and Professional development, Head of department of Mathematics.

Regularly conducts professional development sessions for the members of staff of Good Shepherd International School.

Also organizes, counsels and assists students of the Higher Secondary Section in the career guidance /admission process of reputed Universities in India and abroad. 

Wife is working in this institution as the Vice Principal of the junior Campus of the school.

Travels widely, reads and enjoys living in Ooty with wife and son, Akshay. who is in IHM- Aurangabad – doing his BA ( Honours in Culinary Arts )

Can be contacted through tsgsisindia@gmail.com.


My Experience


  • Responsibilities :
    Coordinates the School Professional Development Plan,
    Coordinates with Senior Leadership Team, Members of Academic Council and the Heads of Departments for the purpose of serving as a liaison and resource, identifying training needs and/or coordinating professional development services within the School.
    Participates in meetings, workshops and seminars for the purpose of conveying and/or gathering information required to perform functions.
    Researches a variety of information (e.g. courses, materials, training consultants, etc.) for the purpose of developing new programmes that meet staff training needs.
    Observe classroom instruction and provide feedback and assistance to classroom teachers to facilitate improvement and innovation in the teaching and learning process.
    Guides the administration team through the development, implementation, and evaluation of curriculum and instruction.
    Collaborate with faculty members and faculty heads in the development, writing and implementation of district curriculum, as well as the evaluation, purchase and incorporation of texts, resources and technology into classroom instruction.
    Coordinate the review, development, and revision of all courseprograms and related
    curriculum documents and materials, including curriculum guides, course outlines, and teaching
    To oversee the International testing programs( NWEA MAP, ISA and so on), including analysis of test results;
    Investigating and maintaining an up-to-date research library for students and staff.
    Assists in providing resources and materials to teaching staff in accomplishing program goals.
    Disseminate information regarding current research and significant developments on the national and international levels in curriculum.
    Information Technology:
    Works with Senior leadership Team, Members of Academic Council, department heads, teachers, and It department in implementing and integrating the School technology plan.

  • Head of Department of Mathematics

    Responsibilities :
    • to actively engage and conduct Departmental Meetings the aim of which to
    review the quality of teaching and learning, on a regular and systematic basis.
    • to act upon the findings from Departmental Review to maintain the highest
    quality of teaching and learning across the department
    • to involve all colleagues in departmental development planning
    • to ensure that data is used effectively as useful measure of progress,
    • to be responsible for the efficient running of the department
    • to have responsibility for the appraisal, professional welfare and training
    and development of members of the Faculty, especially new and student teachers
    • to ensure members of the Faculty adhere to the criteria as set out in the
    staff Handbook with particulars regard to the setting and marking of work
    and reporting procedures
    • to bring to the attention of the Sr Vice Principal( Academics) any difficulties which arise
    within the department
    • to hold regular meetings, formal and informal, to discuss Department matters and
    to ensure that the Department works as a team. Minutes of these meetings to be
    sent to the concerned authorities.
    • to be responsible for the creation of Curriculum maps/unit plans /schemes of work and so on.
    • to be responsible for the selection of text books and teaching and reference materials,
    • to be accountable to the Principal for all budgeting within the Department, and
    the implementation of Health and Safety Policies within the area
    • to be responsible for the furniture and fabric within the Department
    • to co-operate with other Departments in cross-curricular activities
    • to keep up to date with educational developments and changes within the subject area
    • to review examination results within the Department and implement remedial
    action when necessary.
    To keep an accurate and up to date inventory of assets belonging to
    the department.
    concept based learning


About Me


Like to travel and explore a lot 

Passionate to be a Teacher Trainer

Love to teach and learn Mathematics


Intro Consultation


I offer a complimentary one-hour service to get an overview of the teaching and learning process in your school. After this initial consultation, I follow up with the school to recommend an appropriate service for their teaching & learning  needs.

Hourly Consultations


I am available on an hourly basis to give School Leadership team  advice about the concept based curriculum design and instruction for deep understanding 

Complete three day Workshop


 Suresh Thangarajan offers a variety of services from one to three-day face to face workshops and school partnerships providing courses to support the implementation of a concept based and inquiry led curriculum. He also delivers six-week long online Concept-Based Mathematics courses for K to 12 educators.    He also offers a variety of professional development services that can be tailored to your specific needs.  

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I understand that each School's requirements and needs are unique to them. Tell me more about what you're looking for, and I will get back to you soon with some ideas.



Mobile : +91 94422 80566 email : tsgsisindia@gmail.com